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l.a.Eyeworks editorial spread
Reed in coffee tortoise
l.a.Eyeworks feature story
Tulsa in pink woodgrain
Ann Magnuson wears l.a.Eyeworks
Elton John wears l.a.Eyeworks at his wedding
Big Hey in black
l.a.Eyeworks lends a hand
l.a.Eyeworks' window displays
Mason in black
Gary Panter wears Botta in black
Reed in black
Reed in black
Roti in amberossi
Calcutta in black shell
Mason in amberossi
l.a.Eyeworks as The Eyeshop
LP in olive wood
Reed in black sail
Amp in brown fade & purpleoni
Dig in black
Pick Up in havana crystal split
l.a.Eyeworks on the runway
Fitz in red butter
Agra in red shell
Agra in red shell
Mumbai in green to blue fade
Reed in black
Mert in brown to natural split
Roti in Amberossi
frame design for Roti
Hitch in blue abbey
Frame Collage
l.a.Eyeworks Beverly store front
l.a.Eyeworks interview continued
l.a.Eyeworks interview continued
l.a.Eyeworks interview
Ver Amor at the Melrose shop